The Essence Of Living

The Essence Of Living

Life will never play two different people with the same cards. As long as there’s your sweet part of life, there are also, undoubtedly, trying times. These times are just to ensure you’re worth the good times. Because a friend graduated from university early doesn’t mean he’ll thrive better than you finishing somehow “late”. Because Bill Gates dropped out of school but made It, doesn’t mean it’ll work for me that way too.
Life is principled, do what works for you, follow your instincts, do the needful bearing in mind that life’s success story will only manifest with only those who are prepared.
Develop your skill-set, build your self esteem, love, decide to impact life positively. See yourself as an Integral part to the world’s largest sphere of solution givers. Every single person is unique, everyone is needed to make the world a better place, we shouldn’t fail to realize that.
Continuous learning, developing yourself matters, there’s no formula for outright greatness, it’s a maze… See the exit from your perspective.

©Ajayi Martins, 2018.

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