This is how long you stare at your phone

This is how long you stare at your phone

New research shows how many days per year users spend staring at mobile phone screens

THIS is how long you spend staring at your mobile phone.

Research released by global market research company TNS found people aged 16 to 30 were addicted to their mobile devices, spending about 3.2 hours a day on them.

That adds up to a shocking 49 days stuck to electronic devices.

But that’s not all.

We also pick up our phones to look at them a whopping 150 times a day.

And what are we doing on our phones?

Staring at social media, with 63 per cent of people using it daily.

Watching videos online also steals the attention away from 50 per cent of us.

The average smart phone also has 60 to 70 apps, but only about 10 are actually used regularly by the phone owner.

Mobile phone usage of the younger generation is vastly higher than those aged 46 to 65, who prefer more traditional forms of entertainment.

Baby Boomers spend about three hours per day watching TV, reading newspapers or listening to the radio.

They only spend 1.5 hours on their phones and 24 per cent use Facebook every day.

TNS Sydney executive director Alistair Leathwood said he didn’t believe technology had taken away our ability to concentrate on tasks but we were losing our capability to “live in the moment”.

“Instead of quietly observing we feel we need to be doing something like consuming, recording or sharing,” he said.

“We have also lost the ability to be bored and be quiet and we are entertaining ourselves in micro-minutes, watching videos or reading funny stories.”

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